Our Philosophy

We like to keep things pretty simple.  The way we see it, our job is to passionately serve our customers and the greater Rochester community by providing services and products with the highest quality and freshest ingredients at a fair, value added price each and every day.

We are guided by relentless focus to achieve the highest level of customer service with employees that genuinely care about our business, each other and the greater community.

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Canadian Honker Ten Commandments

1. Acknowledge and show respect for others.
2. Have a positive attitude.
3. Give each other help and support.
4. Show appreciation for help received.
5. Talk more about ‘we’ and less about ‘I’ and ‘me’.
6. Take ownership for problems rather than blaming them on others.
7. Be compassionate and understanding of each others personal lives.
8. Do it right the first time, commit yourself to quality.
9. Avoid short cuts, they always take too much time in the long run.
10. Never let what you cant do interfere with what you can do.

Our success comes from the fact that we approach everything from a customer’s perspective. How we deliver, answer the phone, prepare and present the food—it’s all done with the end goal in mind to satisfy the customer 100%.